Pound seizure is the cruel practice of taking shelter animals and forcing them to endure painful experiments. Dogs who were once waiting at shelters to find their forever homes full of love are then forced into a scary and traumatizing experience all alone. This is what happened to dogs at a shelter recently who were taken and placed into a lab where they were purposely given painful diseases and had tumors transplanted on their bodies.

A staff member at the lab said, “We pick up the dogs, we take them to the laboratory, and treat them with the tumors.” The experimenters then go on to watch and record videos of the poor dogs suffering.

However, Beagle Freedom Project was able to liberate the dogs from the laboratory. A huge amount of attention and medical care was needed for the dogs that were rescued, including daily injections and antibiotics. One of the dogs, Mistletoe, lost an eye and needed chemo and even a diaper due to his bleeding tumor.

Although the team at Beagle Freedom Project has been able to get some of the dogs adopted, there are still so many in need of loving homes. To learn more about adopting, contact Beagle Freedom Project at adopt@bfp.org or (818) 382-6500.

Numerous companies are standing up against animal testing and recently the USDA made a decision to eliminate some mammalian testing by 2025. The majority of animal testing is used in medicine and for other human products and treatments. According to PETA, the National Institutes of Health wastes $12 billion annually on animal testing that does not lead anywhere. These experiments on animals actually fail 90 percent of the time! The research used on animals rarely correlates when it is tested on humans, making it a waste of money and unnecessary. Monkeys, mice, rats, and dogs are all used in animal experiments nationwide. It’s time countries ban animal experimentation altogether, as it also hurts humans.

Read more about animal testing in One Green Planet, including why it makes no sense. Celebrities like James Cromwell and Paul McCartney have spoken out against animal testing.

Original Source: One Green Planet