1010 WINS-In 2017, animal testing is still a real way for companies to test the safety and usability of products, chemicals and the like before being released to the general public. The viability of this practice has been debated for centuries by scholars and the medical establishment, but still remains a means for clearing and approving a myriad of wares.

More often than not, these animals live their entire lives in small wire cages just big enough to stand, lay and turn around. Those born into this environment seldom see the light of day, not to mention never smelling open air or touching solid ground.

The people at the Los Angeles based non-profit Beagle Freedom Project (BFP) have, since 2010, dedicated their time to rescuing dogs and other animals from suffering at the hands of laboratory professionals.

In their latest video produced to educate the public of the horrors of animal testing, BFP tells the story of a group of pups who were recently rescued from their cages to be given forever homes. At first, some of them weren’t sure what to make of their new, wide open surroundings and even had trouble putting their little paws down on the grass for the first time. But as they grew accustomed to the outdoors and their new human friends, it’s evident that they will be living out their lives full of love and care.

Watch BFP’s latest rescue video below, and try not to use a full box of tissues while you do. (You’ve been warned!)

Beagle Freedom Project is dedicated to saving as many Beagles from laboratories as possible by reaching out to companies and labs that test and experiment on Beagles, negotiating their release in order to give them a new chance at life. All of the rescues are legal.

Original Article: CBS New York