Sometimes we get trapped in the static of every day.

“You forget what matters, forget how important your life is, your freedom is, the choices you make, the details of every second that change every minute, that define every hour, and impact your lifetime.

Over the last couple of days, our sweet little animal testing survivor who we just saved, Whitney, has reminded me of all of these things. Look at her face, greying from age, having been born in a laboratory, grown up in a cage ripped from her mama, sold to a laboratory where she was not only tested on but bred and then had HER babies taken from her.

Look at the tattoo in her ear, her paw extended. Imagine what all of these images and actions mean. Whitney is not only a reminder of why we must fight every single day for the voiceless, but why we must never forget. Don’t ever be shy or afraid to stand up and say “THIS IS WRONG!” Whitney would if she could.”

– Shannon Keith
resident & Founder of Beagle Freedom Project

Whitney relaxing in arms of BFP staff
Whitney asking for cuddle
Sleepyhead Whitney