Rocco suffered a life we can only imagine. He spent five years in a laboratory being experimented on, cut open, and having toxins forced into his system.

Through it all, Rocco held out hope that he would be rescued…. And he was.

We heard about Rocco and several other beagles with him and thanks to your help, we got them out….

but Rocco’s story doesn’t end there.

After celebrating Rocco’s first steps of freedom and taking in the world he should have always known, he retreated into corners and displayed what is commonly called “stereotypies,” a behavior exhibited by animals in confined spaces where they pace in circles. While his foster family has been incredible, he has also suffered severe neck pain and it has been determined that he has spinal issues and might require surgery.

He needs a decompression room and has to be carried while he deals with his PTSD.

Rocco will pull through and our amazing BFP team are with his incredible foster family every step of the way. So many of our survivors go through this…. The PTSD of life before freedom.

This is where we need you.

Sponsoring a Survivor gives the gift of freedom and security. With this contribution you will also receive updates on your survivor and be intimately involved in their post-testing life.