Maura Ward’s Newly Released Book Chronicles the Happy Ending for a Laboratory Testing Beagle

Scottsdale, AZ, USA – November 23, 2020 – Dog lover and rescuer Maura Ward has now released her new book, Donny Finds His Forever Home. This new book narrates the journey of Donny the beagle as he is rescued from an animal testing lab in South Korea. As Donny is rescued and brought into the United States where he is shown love and affection for the first time, he gets to experience a whole new world outside the confines of his cage in South Korea, where he existed for six years.

Donny Finds His Forever Home is a highly comprehensive and educational book, which teaches kids and adults alike the importance and value of love and compassion in life, while also helping them understand the negative impacts of animal testing around the world. As Donny’s story is narrated in his own words and as he finds a new life where he gets to make friends and learn how to trust people, this can become a conduit for people to start bonding with their pets and start their own journey of rescuing from their local animal shelter. The book also includes the trials and tribulations of having a full-time pet, so that everyone can become aware of the responsibilities and challenges of rescuing, adopting and house training a family pet that comes from a not-so-friendly past.

Maura Ward is highly passionate about dog rescue and involves not just her entire family but also her local community in extremely important animal welfare projects. She works with the Beagle Freedom Project that rescues not just beagles, but any animals used in experimental research, medical testing or cosmetics testing. Since 2010, Beagle Freedom Project has served a key role in locating, rescuing and rehabilitating abused animals from laboratories all across the world.

Original Article: DigitalJournal